others pimeloyl-Coa/ACP metabolism Fatty acid metabolism Saturated fatty acid metabolism others Corrinoides metabolism CO2 metabolism Nitrate metabolism Food metabolism others Acetate metabolism Methanogenesis Monosaccharide metabolism Glucose and derivatives metabolism Phosphoenolpyruvate metabolism Alkaloids metabolism Prontsil activation EPM0067: Neoprontosil metabolism C4-dicarboxylic acid cycle secretion metabolism Isoprenoid metabolism Isoprenoid metabolism Isoprenoid metabolism Steroid metabolism Sterol metabolism Terpenoid metabolism Steroid metabolism Sterol metabolism Steroid metabolism Sterol metabolism Aromatic compounds metabolism Aromatic compounds metabolism Flavonoid metabolism Isoflavone metabolism Tetrahydrofolate metabolism Choline metabolism nitrosoamine degradation Putrescine metabolism Nucleotide metabolism Pyruvate metabolism Oxoglutarate metabolism Acetyl-CoA metabolism Amino acid metabolism Glycan metabolism Methionine metabolism Glycine metabolism Phenylalanine metabolism Valine metabolism Glyceraldehyde and derivatives metabolism Arabinose metabolism Sedoheptulose metabolism Erythrose metabolism Galactose metabolism Ribulose metabolism Ribose metabolism Phenylpropanoid metabolism Glucronate metabolism beta-Glucose 6P metabolism alpha-Glucose 6P metabolism Glconate metabolism Glucose 1P metabolism Phenylpropanoid metabolism Chorismate metabolism shikimate metabolism Aspartate metabolism Lysine metabolism Glutamate metabolism Lysine biosynthesis Arginine metabolism Histidine metabolism Glycan anabolism Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis Threonine metabolism Glutamine metabolism Tyrosine metabolism CDP/CTP metabolism GTP metabolism Tryptophan metabolism Leucine metabolism Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis Triterpenoids metabolism Isopentenyl diphosphate metabolism Glycan catabolism Glycosaminoglycan metabolism Flavonoid metabolism tannin degradation Catechin metabolism Cinamate metabolism Coumarin metabolism Xanthone metabolism Chlorogenic acid catabolism Lignan metabolism Anthrone metabolism Chromone metabolism Isocoumarin metabolism diarylheptanoid metabolism Neolignan metabolism Lignan metabolism Drug metabolism EPM0001: Vitamin K biosynthesis EPM0002: DHNA biosynthesis EPM0005: MEP pathway, isoprenoid biosynthesis EPM0013: picosulfate metabolism EPM0022: 4-ethylphenol generation EPM0023: 4-methylphenol generation EPM0040: hippuric acid production EPM0041: p-cresol generation EPM0042: histidine metabolism EPM0052: butyrate biosynthesis EPM0057: secoisolariciresinol metabolism EPM0061: aesculin metabolism EPM0062: Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone metabolism EPM0066: Prontosil metabolism EPM0068: Salicylazo-sulfapyridine metabolism EPM0076: Phosphatidylcholine metabolism EPM0079: Mangiferin metabolism EPM0081: Aloesin metabolism EPM0082: Aloeresin A metabolism EPM0086: Aconitine metabolism EPM0087: Arctiin transformation EPM0091: Magnolol metabolism EPM0093: Pinoresinol transformation EPM0097: ellagitannin degradation EPM0100: Deoxy-ribose-1-P degradation EPM0108: Trachelogenin degradation EPM0109: Safflor yellow B metabolism EPM0111: 2-O-caffeoyltartaric acid catabolism EPM0112: 3-O-caffeoylquinic acid catabolism EPM0122: DMN degradation EPM0123: DPN degradation M00001: Glycolysis M00002: Glycolysis M00003: Gluconeogenesis M00004: Pentose phosphate pathway M00005: PRPP biosynthesis M00006: Pentose phosphate pathway, oxidative phase M00008: Entner-Doudoroff pathway M00009: TCA cycle M00010: TCA cycle, first carbon oxdation M00011: Citrate cycle, second carbon oxidation M00012: Glyoxylate cycle M00016: succinyl-DAP pathway M00017: Methionine biosynthesis M00018: Threonine biosynthesis M00019: Valine biosynthesis M00022: Shikimate pathway M00026: Histidine biosynthesis M00030: Lysine biosynthesis, AAA pathway M00031: Lysine biosynthesis M00032: Lysine degradation M00033: Ectoine biosynthesis M00036: Leucine degradation M00039: Lignin biosynthesis M00040: Tyrosine biosynthesis M00042: Catecholamine biosynthesis M00043: Thyroid hormone biosynthesis M00044: Tyrosine degradation M00045: Histidine degradation M00048: IMP biosynthesis M00051: UMP biosynthesis M00056: O-glycan biosynthesis, mucin type core M00057: linkage tetrasaccharide M00058: chondroitin sulfate backbone M00059: heparan sulfate backbone M00061: D-Glucuronate degradation M00073: N-glycan precursor trimming M00074: N-glycan biosynthesis, high-mannose type M00082: Fatty acid biosynthesis, initiation M00083: Fatty acid biosynthesis, elongation M00085: Fatty acid biosynthesis, elongation M00088: Ketone body biosynthesis M00089: Triacylglycerol biosynthesis M00090: Phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis M00095: mevalonate pathway M00096: C5 isoprenoid biosynthesis M00114: Ascorbate biosynthesis M00115: NAD biosynthesis M00116: Menaquinone biosynthesis M00117: Ubiquinone biosynthesis M00120: Coenzyme A biosynthesis M00123: Biotin biosynthesis M00125: Riboflavin biosynthesis M00126: Tetrahydrofolate biosynthesis M00128: Ubiquinone biosynthesis M00133: Polyamine biosynthesis M00134: Polyamine biosynthesis M00135: GABA biosynthesis M00136: GABA biosynthesis M00137: Flavonoid biosynthesis M00139: Morphine biosynthesis M00140: C1-unit interconversion M00141: C1-unit interconversion M00168: CAM, dark M00169: CAM, light M00170: phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase type M00173: Reductive citrate cycle M00175: Nitrogen fixation M00307: Pyruvate oxidation M00308: Semi-phosphorylative Entner-Doudoroff pathway M00309: Non-phosphorylative Entner-Doudoroff pathway M00346: Formaldehyde assimilation M00364: C10-C20 isoprenoid biosynthesis M00365: C10-C20 isoprenoid biosynthesis M00366: C10-C20 isoprenoid biosynthesis M00367: C10-C20 isoprenoid biosynthesis M00373: Ethylmalonyl pathway M00374: Dicarboxylate -hydroxybutyrate M00375: Hydroxypropionate -hydroxybutylate cycle M00376: 3-Hydroxypropionate bi-cycle M00378: F420 biosynthesis M00415: Fatty acid biosynthesis, elongation M00432: Leucine biosynthesis M00433: Lysine biosynthesis M00525: acetyl-DAP pathway M00526: DAP dehydrogenase pathway M00527: DAP aminotransferase pathway M00528: Nitrification M00530: Dissimilatory nitrate reduction M00532: Photorespiration M00533: Homoprotocatechuate degradation M00534: Naphthalene degradation M00535: Isoleucine biosynthesis M00539: p-Cumate degradation M00541: Benzoyl-CoA degradation M00543: Biphenyl degradation M00545: Trans-cinnamate degradation M00549: Nucleotide sugar biosynthesis M00550: Ascorbate degradation M00554: Nucleotide sugar biosynthesis M00555: Betaine biosynthesis M00565: Trehalose biosynthesis M00570: Isoleucine biosynthesis M00572: BioC-BioH pathway M00579: Phosphate acetyltransferase -acetate kinase EPM0113: 5-O-caffeoylquinic acid catabolism EPM0114: 3-O-feruloylquinic acid catabolism M00081: Pectin degradation EPM0024: Phenol generation M00369: Dhurrin biosynthesis M00129: Ascorbate biosynthesis M00024: Phenylalanine biosynthesis M00023: Tryptophan biosynthesis M00025: Tyrosine biosynthesis M00124: Pyridoxal biosynthesis M00053: dCDP/dCTP,dTDP/dTTP biosynthesis M00531: Assimilatory nitrate reduction M00529: Denitrification M00063: CMP-KDO biosynthesis M00075: N-glycan biosynthesis, complex type M00573: Biotin biosynthesis, BioI pathway M00577: Biotin biosynthesis, BioW pathway M00020: Serine biosynthesis M00065: GPI-anchor biosynthesis, core oligosaccharide M00019: Isoleucine biosynthesis M00034: Methionine salvage pathway M00035: Methionine degradation M00368: Ethylene biosynthesis M00350: Capsaicin biosynthesis M00119: Pantothenate biosynthesis EPM0069: Sennoside A,B metabolism EPM0077: Barbaloin metabolism EPM0095: Rhein metabolism Bile acids metabolism (Secondary bile acids generation) Cholesterol metabolism EPM0004: Cholic acid 7-dehydroxylation EPM0105: Ginsenoside Rb1 degradation EPM0106: Ginsenoside Rb1 degradation EPM0110: Corticosterone transformation M00101: Cholesterol biosynthesis M00108: C21-Steroid hormone biosynthesis M00109: C21-Steroid hormone biosynthesis M00110: C19/C18-Steroid hormone biosynthesis M00103: Cholecalciferol biosynthesis EPM0080: Bergenin transformation EPM0107: Curcumin degradation Isoflavone metabolism EPM0073: Daidzin metabolism EPM0094: puerarin metabolism EPM0116: ellagitannin degradation EPM0117: gallotannin degradation EPM0085: Abrusin apioside degradation M00076: Dermatan sulfate degradation M00077: Chondroitin sulfate degradation M00078: Heparan sulfate degradation M00079: Keratan sulfate degradation M00055: N-glycan precursor biosynthesis EPM0039: Indole generation EPM0048: 3-methylindole generation M00037: Melatonin biosynthesis M00038: Tryptophan metabolism M00370: Glucosinolate biosynthesis M00068: globo-series M00069: ganglio series M00070: lacto-series M00071: neolacto-series M00015: Proline biosynthesis M00027: GABA shunt M00028: Ornithine biosynthesis M00118: Glutathione biosynthesis M00121: Heme biosynthesis EPM0063: Spermidine biosynthesis M00047: Creatine pathway Serine metabolism M00021: Cysteine biosynthesis M00338: Cysteine biosynthesis EPM0089: Ganoderol F metabolism Benzoate metabolism M00540: Cyclohexanecarboxylate degradation M00165: Reductive pentose phosphate cycle M00166: Reductive pentose phosphate cycle M00167: Reductive pentose phosphate cycle EPM0101: mannosyl glycerate degradation Toluene metabolism Benzen metabolism M00418: Toluene degradation anaerobic M00548: Benzene degradation M00538: Toluene degradation M00547: Benzene/toluene degradation Catechol metabolism Pyrimidine metabolism Purine metabolism UMP metabolism Inosine monophosphate utilization M00046: Uracil/thymine degradation M00049: ADP/ATP biosynthesis M00050: GDP/GTP biosynthesis M00052: UDP/UTP,CDP/CTP biosynthesis M00546: Xanthine degradation Lipid metabolism Sphingolipids metabolism Ceramide metabolism Unsaturated fatty acid metabolism EPM0053: butyrate biosynthesis EPM0059: Linoleic acid metabolism M00013: Malonate semialdehyde pathway M00066: Lactosylceramide biosynthesis M00067: Cerebroside, sulfatide biosynthesis M00098: Acylglycerol degradation M00100: Sphingosine degradation M00113: Jasmonic acid biosynthesis M00131: Inositol phosphate metabolism M00132: Inositol phosphate metabolism M00086: beta-Oxidation Hexadecanoyl-CoA metabolism M00099: Sphingosine biosynthesis M00094: Ceramide biosynthesis M00087: beta-Oxidation M00092: Phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis Flavone metabolism Flavanone metabolism Flavone metabolism EPM0064: Rutin/Quercitrin metabolism EPM0078: Homoorientin metabolism EPM0088: Baicalin metabolism EPM0098: Hesperidin catabolism EPM0104: Quercetin metabolism EPM0120: Eriocitrin metabolism M00138: Flavonoid biosynthesis EPM0009: Catechin converting EPM0010: Epicatechin converting EPM0074: Daidzin metabolism EPM0075: Genistein metabolism Anthocyanin metabolism EPM0049: Malvidin metabolism EPM0050: enocianin/malvidin degradation EPM0049: Peonidin metabolism Naphthoquinone metabolism EPM0044: Shikonin metabolism EPM0045: Shikonin metabolism EPM0047: Shikonin metabolism EPM0046: Shikonin metabolism M00537: Xylene degradation M00568: Catechol ortho-cleavage M00569: Catechol meta-cleavage M00419: p-Cymene degradation EPM0008: glycitein demethylation Terpenoid metabolism Monoterpenoid metabolism Terpenoid metabolism Triterpenoid metabolism Diterpenoid metabolism Carotenoid metabolism Iridoid glycoside metabolism Secoiridoid glycoside metabolism EPM0020: Rebaudioside A degradation EPM0021: Stevioside degradation EPM0025: Swertiamarin metabolism EPM0026: Swertiamarin metabolism EPM0027: Gentiopicroside metabolism EPM0028: Gentiopicroside metabolism EPM0029: Gentiopicroside metabolism EPM0030: Sweroside metabolism EPM0033: geniposide metabolism EPM0034: gardenoside metabolism EPM0071: Glycyrrhizin metabolism EPM0083: Paeoniflorin transformation EPM0096: Saikosaponin b1 metabolism M00097: beta-Carotene biosynthesis M00112: Tocopherol biosynthesis M00372: Abscisic acid biosynthesis EPM0031: Sweroside metabolism EPM0007: Glycyrrhizin Metabolism EPM0032: Aucubin metabolism EPM0035: gardenoside metabolism EPM0084: Albiflorin metabolism M00102: Ergocalciferol biosynthesis M00371: Castasterone biosynthesis EPM0130: Deoxycholic acid biosynthesis EPM0131: Allocholic acid biosynthesis EPM0132: Ethyl cholic acid biosynthesis EPM0133: Bendigole F biosynthesis EPM0134: 3-epicholic acid biosynthesis EPM0135: 7-epicholic acid biosynthesis EPM0136: 12-epicholic acid biosynthesis M00106: Conjugated bile acid biosynthesis EPM0127: Cholesterol metabolism M00107: Steroid hormone biosynthesis M00104: Bile acid biosynthesis EPM0128: Cholesterol metabolism EPM0126: Cholesterol metabolism EPM0018: Laminarin degradation EPM0019: Xylan degradation EPM0017: Heparin degradation EPM0103: Porphyran utilization EPM0124: Lactosucrose degradation EPM0125: Arabinogalactan degradation Others EPM0043: urobilinoid production EPM0090: Methylazoxymethanol-beta-glucuronide hydrolysis M00029: Urea cycle M00007: Pentose phosphate pathway, non-oxidative phase M00064: ADP-L-glycero-D-manno-heptose biosynthesis M00358: Coenzyme M biosynthesis UDP-glucosamine metabolism UDP-glucose metabolism M00060: Lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis M00014: Glucuronate pathway (uronate pathway) M00356: Methanogenesis, methanol M00563: Methanogenesis, methylamine/dimethylamine/trimethylamine M00567: Methanogenesis, CO2 => methane EPM0006: Methanogenic pathway M00357: Methanogenesis Glycerophospholipids metabolism M00091: Phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis M00093: Phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis M00130: Inositol phosphate metabolism M00171: NAD - malic enzyme type M00172: NADP - malic enzyme type M00544: Carbazole degradation EPM0051: hydroxyphenylpropionate fermentation M00551: Benzoate/methylbenzoate degradation EPM0049: Cyanidin metabolism EPM0014: Sinigrin degradation EPM0015: sodium cyclamate metabolism M00122: Cobalamin biosynthesis M00377: Reductive acetyl-CoA pathway M00422: Acetyl-CoA pathway Toxin metabolism EPM0070: Cycasin metabolism EPM0072: T-2 Toxin transformation Formaldehyde metabolism EPM0011: ethanol metabolism EPM0012: Arsenic methylation M00174: Methane oxidation M00176: Sulfate reduction M00344: Xylulose 1P pathway M00345: Ribulose 1P pathway EPM0099: Purine deoxyribonucleosides degradation M00127: Thiamine biosynthesis Sulfamine Neoprontsil Sulfamine Deoxyadenosine Deoxyinosine Deoxyguanosine Ethanal Acetyl-CoA Glycerone phosphate 3-Phosphoglycerate PEP Pyruvate Oxaloacetate Ribose 5-phosphate Ribose 5-phosphate PRPP Ribose 5-phosphate Pyruvate Acetyl-CoA Oxaloacetate Citrate Isocitrate 2-Oxoglutarate Lipoamide-E Succinyl-CoA Dihydrolipoamide-E Succinate Fumarate Malate Oxaloacetate Acetyl-CoA Citrate Isocitrate 2-Oxoglutarate 2-Oxoglutarate Lipoamide-E Succinyl-CoA Dihydrolipoamide-E Succinate Fumarate Malate Oxaloacetate Acetyl-CoA Oxaloacetate Citrate cis-Aconitate Isocitrate Glyoxylate Malate PEP DAHP 3-Dehydroquinate 3-Dehydroshikimate Shikimate Chorismate PRPP Phosphoribosyl-ATP Phosphoribosyl-AMP L-Histidinol L-Histidinal L-Histidine Acetyl-CoA L-2-Aminoadipate LysW-gamma-L-lysine L-Lysine (E)-Cinnamate 4-Coumarate p-Coumaroyl-CoA p-Coumaraldehyde 4-Coumaryl alcohol Prephenate L-Arogenate Tyrosine N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan Protein serine (Xyl)1 (Ser)1 Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan Acetyl-CoA Malonyl-CoA Malonyl-[acp] Acetoacetyl-[acp] Acetoacetyl-[acp] Butyryl-[acp] Acetyl-CoA 3-Oxoacyl-CoA (2E)-2-Enoyl-CoA Dehydroacyl-CoA Acyl-CoA Acetyl-CoA Acetoacetyl-CoA HMG-CoA Acetoacetate Acetone Lysophosphatidate Phosphatidate 1,2-Diacylglycerol Triglyceride Acetyl-CoA Acetoacetyl-CoA HMG-CoA (R)-Mevalonate GDP-mannose GDP-L-galactose L-Galactose Ascorbate Chorismate Isochorismate SHCHC Succinylbenzoate Succinylbenzoyl-CoA Menaquinone Chorismate 4-Hydroxybenzoate 2-Polyprenylphenol 3-Polyprenylcatechol CoQ Adenosylcobyric acid Adenosyl cobinamide alpha-Ribazole Calomide Pimelyl-[acp] Pimeloyl-CoA 7,8-Diaminononanoate Dethiobiotin Biotin GTP Riboflavin FMN FAD GTP Dihydropteroate Dihydrofolate THF Chorismate 4-Hydroxybenzoate Long-chain alcohol p-Coumaroyl-CoA Isosalipurpol Naringenin Apigenin CO2 3-Phosphoglycerate Neuberg ester Ribose 5-phosphate CO2 3-Phosphoglycerate Neuberg ester Ribose 5-phosphate PEP Oxaloacetate L-Asp Acetyl-CoA Pyruvate PEP Oxaloacetate Malate Isocitrate Nitrogen NH3 Pyruvate Acetyl-CoA CH3OH Methyl-CoM HTP CH4 CoM-S-S-CoB DMAPP Geranyl diphosphate Farnesyl diphosphate DMAPP Geranyl diphosphate DMAPP Geranyl diphosphate Farnesyl diphosphate DMAPP Geranyl diphosphate Farnesyl diphosphate Propanoyl-CoA Glyoxylate D-Methylmalonyl-CoA L-Methylmalonyl-CoA Succinyl-CoA Malyl-CoA Malate Acetyl-CoA Pyruvate PEP Oxaloacetate Fumarate Succinate Succinyl-CoA 4-Oxobutanoate Acetyl-CoA Malonyl-CoA Acrylyl-CoA Acetyl-CoA Malonyl-CoA 3-Oxopropanoate Propanoyl-CoA Glyoxylate beta-Methylmalyl-CoA Mesaconyl-CoA Mesaconyl-C4-CoA L-Citramalyl-CoA CO2 Corrinoid Methylcorrinoid Acetyl-CoA Coenzyme F420-0 Coenzyme F420-1 Coenzyme F420 Coenzyme F420-3 Malonyl-CoA 3-Oxoacyl-CoA (2E)-2-Enoyl-CoA Long-chain acyl-CoA CO2 Carbon monoxide Acetyl-CoA Acetyl-CoA 3-Isopropylmalate 2-Oxoisocaproate 2-Oxoglutarate Acetyl-CoA Homocitrate cis-Homoaconitate Homoisocitrate 2-Oxoadipate NH3 NH2OH Nitrite Nitrate Nitrite NH3 2-Phosphoglycolate 3-Phosphoglycerate Glycolate Oxygen Glyoxylate H2O2 Glutamate 2-Oxoglutarate Hydroxypyruvate Glycerate Homoprotocatechuate Naphthalene Naphthalene-1,2-diol Salicylaldehyde Salicylate Pyruvate D-Citramalate Citraconate 2-Oxobutanoate p-Cumate Oxopent-4-enoate Isobutyrate Benzoyl-CoA Biphenyl Biphenyl-2,3-diol (CH3)3N Methyl-CoM HTP CH4 CoM-S-S-CoB (CH3)2NH Methyl-CoM HTP CH4 CoM-S-S-CoB Cori ester ADP-glucose Amylose Starch Trehalose Malonyl-[acp] Pimelyl-[acp] Acetyl-CoA Acetyl phosphate Acetate Pyruvate Farnesyl diphosphate 2-Oxoglutarate Homocitrate cis-Homoaconitate Homoisocitrate 2-Oxoadipate L-2-Aminoadipate Aminoadip.-S Allysine Saccharopine L-Lysine Methylsuccinyl-CoA Mesaconyl-CoA beta-Methylmalyl-CoA Crotonoyl-CoA Ethylmalonyl-CoA Acetyl-CoA Acetoacetyl-CoA Benzoate Oxopent-4-enoate 4-Chlorobenzoate 4-Chlorobiphenyl DMAPP DMAPP PEP 3-Phosphoglycerate Glycerone phosphate Dihydroneopterin Gly Serine NH3 Dopamine (S)-Norcoclaurine Coclaurine PRPP L-Glutamine GAR N-Formyl-GAR AIR SAICAR AICAR FAICAR IMP L-Asp HTPA Dihydrodipicolinate L-Lysine Protein serine (UDP-GalNAc)1 O-Glycan T antigen O-Glycan O-Glycan O-Glycan O-Glycan L-Glutamine Carbamoyl phosphate L-Dihydroorotate Orotate PRPP Orotidylic acid UMP L-Asp L-Homoserine O-Succinylhomoserine L-Cystathionine Homocysteine Methionine D-Gluconate D-Glyceraldehyde Pyruvate (E)-Cinnamate Oxopent-4-enoate Fumarate L-Asp L-Homoserine L-Threonine Chlorogenate Caffeate Quinate Dihydrocaffeic acid Phenylpropanoate Benzoate alpha-D-Glucose Glycerone phosphate 3-Phosphoglycerate PEP Pyruvate L-Asp HTPA Dihydrodipicolinate L-Lysine L-Leucine 2-Oxoisocaproate Lipoamide-E Isovaleryl-CoA Dihydrolipoamide-E 3-Methylcrotonyl-CoA HMG-CoA Acetoacetate L-Lysine Saccharopine Allysine L-2-Aminoadipate 2-Oxoadipate Glutaryl-CoA Crotonoyl-CoA Acetoacetyl-CoA Gly Serine Hydroxypyruvate Glycerate PEP Oxaloacetate Malate Malyl-CoA Glyoxylate L-Asp HTPA Dihydrodipicolinate L-Lysine D-Gluconate Pyruvate Shikimate Chorismate Succinylbenzoate Demethylmenaquinone Menaquinone L-Asp Ectoine Ellagitannins Ellagic acid Urolithin D Urolithin C Urolithin A Urolithin B Pantothenate Phosphopantetheine Dephospho-CoA CoA Pyruvate (S)-2-Acetolactate L-Valine Pyruvate L-Histidine Urocanate Glutamate Caftaric acid Caffeate meso-Tartrate,C00898,C02107 4-Ethylcatechol Dihydrocaffeic acid Phenylpropanoate Benzoate L-Asp HTPA Dihydrodipicolinate L-Lysine Neochlorogenate Caffeate Quinate Dihydrocaffeic acid Phenylpropanoate Benzoate Tyrosine Homogentisate 4-Maleylacetoacetate Fumarylacetoacetate Acetoacetate Fumarate L-Threonine 2-Oxobutanoate L-Isoleucine THF 5,10-Methylene-THF 10-Formyl-THF Acetate Butyrate Chinomin Norathyriol Tyrosine 4-Cresol Dimethylnitrosamine (CH3)2NH Dihydrocaffeic acid 2-Oxobutanoate L-Isoleucine L-Arg Agmatine Putrescine SAM Decarboxy-AdoMet Spermidine L-Asp Iminoaspartate Quinolinate Deamino-NAD+ NAD+ Tyrosine 3-Iodo-L-tyrosine L-Diiodotyrosine Liothyronine Secoisolariciresinol Enterodiol Enterolactone O-Feruloylquinate Ferulate Dihydroferulic acid Phloretate Phenylpropanoate Methylamine Methyl-CoM CH4 Tyrosine Phloretate 4-Cresol Quinate Hippurate D-Galactose UDP-galactose alpha-D-Glucose Cori ester UDP-glucose Tyrosine Phloretate 4-Ethylphenol Malate Pyruvate PEP Nitrite Esculin Esculetin L-Arg L-Ornithine Putrescine L-Histidine Urocanate Shikimate Chorismate Succinylbenzoate PEP Oxaloacetate Malate Tyrosine L-Dopa Dopamine Arterenol L-Adrenaline Sodium picosulfate Tyramine Tyramine O-sulfate Prontosil Sulfasalazine D-Altronate Dodecanal Aloesin Aloesone (2'R)-Aloesol Aloeresin A Aloesone Aloesol Aconitine Magnolol Tetrahydromagnolol (+)-Pinoresinol Lariciresinol Secoisolariciresinol Enterolactone Enterodiol Safflor yellow B Precarthamin Carthamin Safflor-metabolin Ascorbate Arctiin Arctigenin (2R,3R)-2- Enterolactone Trachelogenin Phenaxolactone 1 Phenaxolactone 3 (-)-Enterolactone Malate 4-Hydroxybutanoate 4-Hydroxybutyryl-CoA Vinylacetyl-CoA Crotonoyl-CoA Acetoacetyl-CoA Pectin Pectate Digalacturonate D-Galacturonate Tyrosine Phloretate 4-Hydroxybenzoate Phenol Tyrosine N-Hydroxy-L-tyrosine Dhurrin Cori ester UDP-glucose UDP-glucuronate Glucuronide Glucuronate Gulonate L-Gulonolactone Ascorbate Chorismate Prephenate Phenylpyruvate L-Phenylalanine Chorismate Vitamin L1 Tryptophan Chorismate Prephenate Tyrosine 4-Phosphoerythronate Pyridoxine phosphate PLP CDP dCDP dCTP CTP dUTP dUMP dTMP dTDP dTTP Nitrate Nitrite NH3 Nitrate Nitrite Nitric oxide N2O Nitrogen KDO CMP-KDO 2-Ketovaline N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan N-Glycan DS 3 Pimelyl-[acp] 7,8-Diaminononanoate Dethiobiotin Biotin Pimelate Pimeloyl-CoA 7,8-Diaminononanoate Dethiobiotin Biotin 3-Phosphoglycerate Dexfosfoserine Serine Phosphatidylinositol GPI anchor GPI anchor GPI anchor GPI anchor GPI anchor GPI anchor GPI anchor GPI anchor THF 5,10-Methylene-THF 10-Formyl-THF Formate THF 10-Formyl-THF 5,10-Methylene-THF Hydracrylic acid Acrylyl-CoA D-Methylmalonyl-CoA L-Methylmalonyl-CoA Succinate Succinyl-CoA Fumarate Malate Malyl-CoA Pyruvate 3-Oxopropanoate Hydracrylic acid Propanoyl-CoA D-Methylmalonyl-CoA L-Methylmalonyl-CoA Succinyl-CoA 4-Oxobutanoate 4-Hydroxybutanoate 4-Hydroxybutyryl-CoA Vinylacetyl-CoA Crotonoyl-CoA Acetoacetyl-CoA Fumarate Succinate Succinyl-CoA 2-Oxoglutarate cis-Aconitate Citrate (3S)-Citryl-CoA Methionine SAM Decarboxy-AdoMet MTA Adenine Methionine SAM Homocysteine Serine L-Cystathionine Methionine SAM Ethylene L-Phenylalanine (E)-Cinnamate 4-Coumarate p-Coumaroyl-CoA Caffeoyl-CoA Feruloyl-CoA Vanillin Vanillylamine Isobutyryl-CoA Capsaicin L-Valine 2-Ketovaline 2-Dehydropantoate Pantoate L-Asp beta-Alanine Pantothenate (S)-Reticuline (R)-Reticuline Salutaridine Salutaridinol Thebaine Neopinone Codeinone Codeine Morphine Sennoside A Sennidin A Rheinanthrone Sennoside B Sennidin B Aloin Aloe emodin anthrone Rhein Rheinanthrone Choloyl-CoA Deoxycholoyl-CoA Deoxycholate Cholate Ginsenoside Rb1 Ginsenoside Rd Protopanaxadiol Ginsenoside Rb1 Ginsenoside Rd Ginsenoside F2 Gypenoside XVII Corticosterone 2,3-Oxidosqualene Lanosterol Zymosterol Zymostenol Lathosterol Provitamin D3 Cholesterol Progesterone DOC Corticosterone Aldosterone Progesterone Cortodoxone Cortisol Cortisone Pregnenolone DHA Androstenedione Estrone Provitamin D3 Calciol Calcidiol Calcitriol Bergenin Curcumin Dihydrocurcumin Tetrahydrocurcumin Daidzin Daidzein (R)-Dihydrodaidzein (S)-Dihydrodaidzein Equol Puerarin Daidzein Ellagitannins Glucose Ellagic acid Gallate Pyrogallol Pyruvate Gallotannin Galloylglucose Gallate Glucose Pyrogallol Pyruvate Phenylpropanoate Abrusin Benzenediol Dermatan sulfate Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein DWA-2 Glycoprotein Glycoprotein DWA-2 Heparan sulfate Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Keratan Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Glycoprotein Dolichyl phosphate (GlcNAc)1 (PP-Dol)1 (GlcNAc)2 (PP-Dol)1 Tryptophan Tryptamine IAA Skatole Indolepyruvate Indoleacetaldehyde Tryptophan L-Formylkynurenine L-Kynurenine 2-Aminomuconate Tryptophan Indole Tryptophan 3-Indoleacetaldoxime Glucobrassicin Tryptophan Oxitriptan Serotonin N-Acetylserotonin Melatonin CDw17 CD77 Gb4Cer CDw17 GM3 GD3 GT3 CDw17 Lc3Cer Lc4Cer CDw17 Lc3Cer LA1 N-Glycan Glutamate L-Glutamyl-tRNA(Glu) 5-Aminolevulinate Porphobilinogen Hydroxymethylbilane Uroporphyrinogen III Protoporphyrin Heme Precorrin 2 Sirohydrochlorin Siroheme Glutamate L-Proline Glutamate GSH Glutamate N-Acetyl-L-glutamate N-Acetylornithine L-Ornithine Glutamate GABA 4-Oxobutanoate Succinate L-Arg Agmatine Putrescine Carboxyspermidine Spermidine L-Arg Glycocyamine Creatine Phosphocreatine Creatinine L-Cystathionine L-Cysteine Serine O-Acetyl-L-serine L-Cysteine Serine Homocysteine Ganoderol F Ganodermatriol Pimeloyl-CoA Toluate 4-Methylcatechol Benzoate Catechol Glycerate Toluene Benzylsuccinate Benzylsuccinyl-CoA E-Phenylitaconyl-CoA Benzoylsuccinyl-CoA Benzoyl-CoA Toluene Benzyl alcohol Benzaldehyde Benzoate Benzene cis-Benzeneglycol Catechol Benzene Phenol Catechol Toluene 3-Methylcatechol 3-Oxoadipate Propanal Ethanal Pyruvate Oxopent-4-enoate Uracil Hydrouracil 3-Ureidopropionate beta-Alanine Thymine Dihydrothymine 3-Ureidoisobutyrate 3-Aminoisobutanoate UMP UDP UTP CTP CDP Xanthine Urate 5-Hydroxyisourate (S)-Allantoin Allantoate Urea IMP XMP GMP GDP GTP IMP Adenylosuccinate AMP ADP ATP Putrescine gamma-Glutamyl-GABA GABA Putrescine N-Acetylputrescine 4-Acetamidobutanal 4-Acetamidobutanoate GABA Propanoyl-CoA Acrylyl-CoA Hydracrylic acid 3-Oxopropanoate Malonyl-CoA Acetyl-CoA Ceramide Glucocerebroside LacCer Ceramide Cerebroside Sulfatide Sphingoid S1P Phosphoethanolamine Inositol 3-phosphate Bios I Phytate Linolenate 13-HPOT 12,13(S)-EOT 12-OPDA OPC-8:0 OPC8-CoA 3-Oxo-OPC8-CoA OPC6-CoA 3-Oxo-OPC6-CoA OPC4-CoA 3-Oxo-OPC4-CoA Linoleate Vaccenic acid Butanoyl-CoA Butanoylphosphate Butyrate Triglyceride 1,2-Diacylglycerol Glyceride Glycerol Palmitate Palmitoyl-CoA Palmitoyl-CoA Serine 3-Dehydrosphinganine Sphinganine Dihydroceramide Ceramide Palmitoyl-CoA 3-Oxopalmitoyl-CoA Myristoyl-CoA Palmitoyl-CoA 3-Dehydrosphinganine Sphinganine Dihydroceramide Ceramide Sphingoid Ethanolamine Phosphoethanolamine CDP-ethanolamine Cephalin Choline Betaine aldehyde Betaine Choline Phosphocholine CDP-choline Lecithin Choline (CH3)3N Ethanal Ciratin Hesperetin Isotrifoliin Quercetin Eriodictyol chalcone Homoprotocatechuate Phloroglucinol (+/-)-Taxifolin (+/-)-Eriodictyol Unknown0003 Isoorientin Luteolin (+/-)-Eriodictyol Dihydrocaffeic acid Phloroglucinol Eriocitrin (+/-)-Eriodictyol Rutinose Dihydrocaffeic acid Phloroglucinol Rutin Quercetin Quercitrin Isotrifoliin Naringenin Aromadendrin Pelargonidin Baicalin Baicalein Cianidanol (-)-Epicatechin Genistin Genistein Dihydrogenistein 4-Ethylphenol Daidzin Daidzein Dihydrodaidzein O-DMA Enin Gallate Pyrogallol Enin Gallate Pyrogallol Enocianin Syringate 4-Coumarate Peonidin-3-glucoside Vanillate Shikonin Shikometabolin A Shikometabolin B Shikonin Prometaboshikonin Metaboshikonin I Metaboshikonin II Shikometabolin E Shikonin Cycloshikonin Shikonin Anhydroalkannin Deoxyshikonin Shikometabolin C Shikometabolin D p-Xylene 4-Tolylcarbinol p-Tolualdehyde Toluate o-Xylene o-Tolualdehyde o-Toluate m-Xylene m-Tolualdehyde m-Toluic Acid Catechol cis,cis-Muconate (+)-Muconolactone 4-Methylcatechol 4-Oxalocrotonate 2-Hydroxymuconate Catechol p-Cymene p-Cumic alcohol Cuminaldehyde p-Cumate Glycitein 6-Hydroxydaidzein Swertiamarin Swertiamarin Erythrocentaurin Gentiopicrin Gardenoside Gardenogenin A Gardenogenin B Phytoene Lycopene gamma-Carotene beta-Carotene Phytyl diphosphate gamma-Tocopherol delta-Tocopherol Vitamin E beta-Tocopherol Rebaudioside A Stevioside Rebaudioside B Steviol Rubusoside SG(1) SG(2) beta-Carotene beta-Cryptoxanthin Zeaxanthin Antheraxanthin Violaxanthin Neoxanthin 9'-cis-Neoxanthin Xanthoxin Abscisic aldehyde ABA Stevioside Rubusoside SG(1) SG(2) Steviol Gentiopicrin Gentiopicral Gentiopicrin Gentiopicral Sweroside Epinaucledal Sweroside aglycone Sweroside Naucledal Sweroside aglycone Epinaucledal Geniposide Genipin Glycyrrhizin Enoxolone 3-Oxoglycyrrhetinate Paeoniflorin Paeonimetabolin I Paeonimetabolin II Paeonimetabolin III Paeonimetabolin IV Saikosaponin b1 Prosaikogenin A Saikogenin A Erythrocentaurin 3-Oxoglycyrrhetinate Enoxolone Gardenoside Gardenine Aucubin Albiflorin Paeonilactone A Paeonilactone B Aucubigenin Aucubinine A Aucubinine B Zymosterol Fecosterol Episterol Campesterol Ergosterol Vitamin D2 6-Deoxotyphasterol 6-Deoxocastasterone Castasterone Glycocholate Cholate Deoxycholate Glycocholate Cholate Allocholate Glycocholate Cholate Ethyl cholic acid Glycocholate Cholate 3-Dehydrocholic acid Bendigole F Glycocholate Cholate 3-Dehydrocholic acid Isocholic acid Glycocholate Cholate Ursocholate Glycocholate Cholate 12-Epicholic acid Choloyl-CoA Cholate Cholate Choloyl-CoA Taurocholate Glycocholate Cholesterol Cholestenone Androstenedione Cholesterol Pregnenolone Progesterone Cholesterol Cholesterol Cholestenone DHA Cholesterol Cholestenone Coprostan-3-one Coprostanol Cholestanol Laminarin Glucose Xylan D-Xylose Heparin Unknown0008 Porphyran Disaccharide L6S-G Arabinogalactan Unknown0004 Unknown0005 Lactosucrose Bilirubin Urobilin CH3-N(O)=N-CH2OH NH3 Carbamoyl phosphate L-Ornithine Citrulline L-Asp L-Argininosuccinate L-Arg Fumarate Urea PEP (2R)-3-Sulfolactate 3-Sulfopyruvate Sulfoacetaldehyde CoM Lipid X Lipid A disaccharide Lipid IV(A) KDO-lipid IV(A) KDO2-lipid IV(A) KDO2-lipid (A) UDP-glucose UDP-glucuronate Glucuronate Gulonate 3-Dehydro-L-gulonate L-Xylulose Xylitol D-Xylulose D-Galacturonate D-Tagaturonate D-Altronate D-Mannonate D-Fructuronate Glucuronate CO2 Formylmethanofuran 5-Formyl-H4MPT 5-Methyl-THMPT Coenzyme F420 Methyl-CoM HTP CH4 CoM-S-S-CoB HTP CoM-S-S-CoB Coenzyme F420 5-Methyl-THMPT 5-Methyl-H4SPT Methyl-CoM CH4 CoM-S-S-CoB HTP CoM Acetate Acetyl phosphate Acetyl-CoA 5-Methyl-THMPT Methyl-CoM HTP CH4 CoM-S-S-CoB Phosphatidate CDP-diacylglycerol Phosphatidylserine Cephalin Cephalin Lecithin